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Recently, I’ve found plenty of sites explaining strategies for growing our blogs, where growing means to expand our reader-base or to win more money, depending on our goals for blogging. Other important motivation for blogging is to attain or fortify a position in a specific niche market. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you can start a blog to present your past and current projects, demonstrate your abilities in the area of design, and potentially capture new clients. Moreover, creating a blog is easier than ever thanks to the new web 2.0 technologies, which allow to start posting in a very short time. This means that a lot of people are creating blogs, and therefore competence is high. And if you’re new, blogs may prove to be a very tricky field to conquer, especially when it comes to gaining your initial reader-base. And when you get that reader-base your efforts should focus on keeping those readers through innovation. Remember, a happy reader is a returning reader. But blogging is not a trivial chore in any way.

Previously, we presented an article about the basic elements of a successful approach to blogging (we called such approach the Samurai approach.) Nevertheless, universal strategies don’t apply to blogging. Each blogger has to discover, hone, innovate her own approach to blogging. Our Samurai approach should only be taken as a starting point. By no means it’s a general strategy, universally valid. As suggested, blogging success can only be achieved through evolution. Don’t take for granted that once you have a solid reader-base, those readers will follow you forever if your blog is a static one. People devour content, including images, layout, ideas, and above all, approaches to problems and concepts. Successful bloggers calm such hunger. Summarizing, to grow our blogs we have to discover an approach we can apply to blogging, hone and refine such approach continually, and keep adding new, interesting features to our blog (including layout and content.)

I recommend two basic activities for evolution of our blogs:

  • Observation: We have to observe and critically analyze what are doing the successful bloggers (not necessarily in our niche.) Perhaps by following some of their tactics and methods we can accomplish a bigger and more satisfied reader-base.
  • Experimentation: The only way to verify that some tactics and methods would work for your blog is to test them out. Fortunately, blogs are very dynamic structures, and hence it’s relatively easy to essay new things and modify the approach continually. And if something is not working for you, remove or restructure it as soon as possible. Don’t let bad strategies to kill your blog.

Now, let’s conquer the blogosphere :)

4 thoughts on “Growing your Blog

  1. More often than not, people is afraid of experiencing with their blogs, as experiencing means _risk_. And very few like to take risks. In respect to advertisement, for instance, most of us don’t like to test new schemes for advertisement. Perhaps only adsense and leave it at that…

  2. Hey Herrera – I’d add leaving comments on OTHER people’s blosg! ;=)
    That’s how people build up community and readership – but it takes effort because you have to read lots of other people’s blogs, to be able to make meaningful comments.
    Cheers – Robin

  3. @Dani: Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been busy lately with some presentations. Even so, I answered your email! You are doing a good job :) Regarding your comment, I totally agree. I’ll be writing a post about advertising schemes… coming as soon as I find a time!

    @Robin: Your blog looks pretty interesting. Thank you very much for your comment. Indeed, leaving comments in other people’s blogs is an important part of growing a blog (and a website, in general). I’ll write a post about this too… coming as soon as I find a time!

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