An exercise for building up mental discipline

This is a neat exercise for developing mental discipline, a follow-up to our post about the power of a disciplined mind: choose a very sentimental piece of music which evokes a strong emotional response within you. Play it and let your feelings mix with your emotions. Just go with the flow emotionally. Surrender to the song and truly surrender to the emotions that the music makes you feel. Now play it a second time and, as before, go with the song. After a few moments, separate yourself from the flow of emotions. Watch them from the perspective of distance and watch how your emotional body is being manipulated by the music. Now listen to it a third time and resist the feeling of involvement with music. Refuse to engage with emotions that arise when handling your emotional body music. The fourth time you hear the piece, alternate between surrendering and not surrendering to the feelings of the music. Work on getting that power of choice. It is you who determines whether to surrender or not to the music. Now choose other equally sentimental pieces and practice your ability to participate or not in the emotional side of the song. As you practice this skill, take careful note of how this mechanism works.

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