Top 10 Tips for Being your Own Boss

Being your own boss and being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. The risk or fear of failure stops many talented people from taking the first step. For some people it is the best way to become a billionaire but in reality, it is increasingly accessible to all. As Alain de Botton says, working for yourself does not always make you rich but can make you much happier. Therefore, here are the top 10  tips for being your own boss:

Being your own boss
Being your own boss
  1. Motivation: Motivation is the key. Motivation provides you with the energy to overcome obstacles and hindrances.
  2. Love what you do: Motivation will stem from the love for the activity you’re committed to work on. If you are passionate about the type of work you do every day, it will be much easier to create a successful business and enjoy it.
  3. Set a regular schedule: This schedule may not include specific work schedules, but should include some regular work patterns. For example, it does not mean you should be in your home office at 8 am sharp. However, it does mean you can not throw all day job just because you want to play golf, unless you’ve programmed your golf appointment well in advance. Establish regular routines and exercise some self-discipline. Be sure you’re being rational (not emotional) when you take the decision to alter your programmed schedule. Sometimes it’s okay to adjust the schedule. But if you do it every day, you will not be successful for long.
  4. Set daily goals and priorities: These goals may be in the form of “to do” lists, or may be a certain percentage of a project. The type of work you do and your current projects dictate the types of goals that you set daily. It is important to start every day with a plan of action. At the end of the day, take the time to set and review your activities for the upcoming days.
  5. Draw conclusions of your previous experience as an employee: Consider the expectations that your former bosses and supervisors had from you. Deliver the same work ethic that you had when you worked for someone else. Stick to the same standards. Improve these standards, if possible!
  6. Keep high self-confidence about your work and your skills: Take pride in what you do. Strive to be better and accomplish more, increasing your goals and prioritizing your activities more aggressively.
  7. Work on the details: You will not have anyone doing small tasks or the dirty work for you. You must be willing to work in small tasks, with the same motivation and energy you dedicate to the most significant tasks.
  8. Keep organized: This applies not only to your projects, but to all the paperwork, billing, invoicing, tax documents, etc. You must have an organized filing system to be successful, and keep important documents where you can find them quickly. Another aspect of this includes maintaining at hand any tool you use regularly, and make available all information necessary to complete the projects.
  9. Set a budget and stick to it: Being the boss does not mean you can spend more and buy whatever you want without it being really necessary for your work. Being fiscally responsible will help to ensure your success.
  10. If you fail, get up and continue: We can fail. We are humans, after all. Nevertheless, remember this: resilience and perseverance are the cornerstone of succesful entrepeneurs.

Finally, two song titles for you: Imagine, and Let it be.  McCartney and Lennon FTW :-)

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