10 Tips for Sleeping Well

Every time you sleep fewer hours, perhaps in conditions that prevent you from resting and recovering your energy. Worse yet, your bedroom has gone from being the place where you slept, to being a room to study, work, watch television, listen to music, and more. Wrong. You have to sleep well. When we don’t get enough sleep we wake up tired, irritable and distracted… we won’t be able to work well, we’ll forget about things and we may become sick more often than normal. In the following a few tips to improve your sleep experience:

  1. Keep a regular schedule, try to go to bed and getting up at the same time each day. During the day make only a short nap to sleep well at night.
  2. Sleeping well
    Sleeping well
  3. Exercise regularly. Sport and physical activity are good for the body. But try not to exercise just before going to sleep, because exercise will make us more tired and won’t help us to sleep.
  4. Do not eat heavy meals before sleep, nor energy drinks neither caffeine.
  5. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. They are also stimulants that will keep us awake while also reducing the oxygen which must reach our cells and prevent us from fully resting.
  6. Our bed should be comfortable. Close the doors and windows so the noise can not disturb you.
  7. Change bed sheets regularly. Use relaxing aromas that stimulate sleep, such as lavender.
  8. Use comfortable clothes to go to bed, with no buttons. Cloth’s materials should allow us to move during sleep.
  9. A warm bath with chamomile and some salts soothe us and prepare the body for rest.
  10. Relaxing music at low volumes could calm your mind.
  11. Do not work in your bed or in your room, as this conveys a wrong message to our brain. Your brain has to learn that your room is a place for a single activity: sleeping. Keep your problems away from the bedroom. You’re tired and won’t find the best solution in such state. Resting comes first.

Sleeping well provides energy to start challenges, be more positive and see life differently, helping health, mind and body.

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