7 Tips to Overcome Fatigue

Fatigue (tiredness) is a state of physical or mental weakness. Fatigue diminishes our productivity and alters our well-being overall. In the following, I’ll present 10 simple tips to beat tiredness:

  1. Sleep well. Sleep may seem like a waste of time. You could instead be doing productive chores. However, it’s obvious that a tired person won’t be able to perform as efficiently as a rested one. Your body needs sleep in order to recover and fight entropy. Try to keep your sleep hours regular and uniform. And make sure your bedroom is a place for sleeping only, a relaxing, dark and comfortable space.
  2. Learn to handle stress. Stress in unavoidable, as it’s a natural response of ours. Most of us will face stressful events regularly, and the key is to know how to handle such events. A neat tip: write it out. Yes, write (just for you) about such stressful events. Write about the things that upset you, your worries, the possible solutions. Pick one of your possible solutions and try it. Don’t fear failure. We all fail. The important thing is to keep walking. People who doesn’t walk will never trip over, but won’t ever reach anywhere either. So walk. Other tip: analyze your worries. Most worries are not totally rational, so try to identify such irrational, unrealistic elements in your worries.
  3. Avoid loneliness. Be a part, be there for others. Provide emotional support, hear other people… that will give you further perspective on your own problems. Join a group! A book group, a cinema lovers group, whatever topic you like. Share. Sharing is essential to happiness. Try to be on good terms with everyone, but never give up your own opinions and ideas.
  4. Tiredness
  5. Eat well. Eat more and eat less. How? Well, have a lot for breakfast, less for lunch, and a very frugal dinner. Eat your antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables. Avoid coffee, alcohol, chocolate and cola drinks, specially in the evening.
  6. Exercise. Our bodies and minds must be equilibrated. We must remember that our body is made for dynamism. We should at least take some long walks, in order to fortify our muscles (and our mind).
  7. Relax. Slow down, calm down. Breathe. Give yourself a time for some hobby. Let time go by. Maybe your head will be filled up by several thoughts. Let them be. They are just ideas and thoughts. Stay quiet. Take about 50 deep and slow breaths. Ask yourself this: are your goals realistic? Maybe you’re not relaxed because you’re chasing unrealistic goals and expecting unlikely outcomes.
  8. Variety. Meals, habits, exercises, activities, leisures… try to be varied. Furthermore, we should have a reasonable daily rotation of ideas.

Remember, overcoming your fatigue will boost your ability to function on day-to-day basis, achieve more and being happier :-)

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