Self-Esteem, Loneliness and Fatigue

Discipline is key for success. Nevertheless, above being disciplined, remember to always be gentle with yourself. Self-esteem is not static. Our sense of well-being naturally fluctuate within certain limits, depending on the high and low tide of our lives. However, many of our difficulties have less to do with the specifics of a particular problem and are more related to our approach to cope with such problem. Obviously, there are some fears we cannot totally control: for instance, if some time ago we suffered some severe burns, it’s likely that could show exaggerated reactions to fire. However, fear (Continue Reading)

The Path of Self-Esteem

Believing in oneself, in our capabilities, loving ourselves, that’s self-esteem. It does not depend on what other people think about us; it only depends on how (and what) we think about ourselves. People who suffer from low self-esteem (and low self-esteem is a real illness, a disease) are constantly seeking for approval of other people, there in the outside world. Of course everyone wants to be approved, loved and even admired by those around us. But we have to start by loving ourselves, and respecting each other internally.

Be strong. If we always try to impress by pretending … (Continue Reading)

On Anxiety

Anxiety is a state of restlessness, and most of the time such state cannot be justified. It is not fear of something concrete at the outside but expresses our inner emotional conflicts. The person feels threatened by something of unreal nature, and is unable to handle such emotions. The anxious person may have been conditioned very early and may continue to be anxious in adulthood. It then becomes a characteristic of his nature that pervades all their actions and which turns the person in a candidate to suffer stress. Anxious people are fast, are always in a hurry, … (Continue Reading)

10 Tips for Loving Yourself

You’re a wondrous being, a miracle called life. You’re unique. You’ve followed a path, a path which has turned you into what you’re now: energy, dreams, smiles, a lovely human being. Maybe you want more things, maybe you wish for more… that’s OK. Don’t blame the past for anything, as such past has allowed you to be here. And that past is offering you the opportunity to be better. The Beatles said it: All you need is love. And for loving, we have to start by loving ourselves. We have to love ourselves, we have to accept ourselves as … (Continue Reading)