Choosing a Topic for your Thesis

A post answering a question from a student (you know who you are!). It’s mostly a compilation of experience about visualization, proposal and creation of your thesis or dissertation. Some students fear (or panic) when the time of thesis arrives. I’ve even met people with the EBT (Everything But the Thesis) syndrome, but that is a very complex problem and I’m no psychologist. Please, keep reading if you are not afraid of the document we refer to as “thesis”, and you are determined to succeed. Effectively, the thesis represents a written expression of your specialized knowledge, with an scope scarcely … (Continue Reading)


Hello, this is the first content post Life. Money. Development. Here, we’ll speak about goals. First, do you know what a goal is? According to Wikipedia’s entry:

An objective or goal is a personal or organizational desired end point in development. It is usually endeavored to be reached in finite time by setting deadlines.

And that’s it. A goal is that thing you want to achieve. Normally, those achievements are not isolated things. On the contrary, they imply several subgoals you have to reach first. In this sense, we have to define how are we going to conduct in order … (Continue Reading)